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In a partnership of trust we create a safe place for many types of students, be they talented high school age considering going to college for music, someone considering graduate school, a young professional, an experienced professional needing some general feedback, an amateur choral enthusiast looking to improve general aural and musical skills while learning some vocal technique, foreign language diction for choral singing, or help preparing a score to perform with his or her local choral organization, or simply anyone who is just curious about discovering what is available vocally to them. Together we take measured risks to embrace the singer's active role, transfer energy where it is needed, and learn to become aware of one's unique singing experience. I believe it is through this heightened awareness that the singer can learn to recreate the right singing sensations, and develop consistency and confidence, and be the best they can be.

In addition to holding music degrees in vocal pedagogy, vocal performance and church music, I have over 30 years of independent private as well a academic/conservatory voice teaching experience. I have a lifetime of both solo and ensemble performing, as well as being inspired by so many outstanding teachers, conductors, coaches, colleagues, and directed, taught, attended and participated in numerous masterclasses, concerts, performances, with the best of the best in the vocal, classical, Operatic, Art Song, Early Music, Choral worlds. I look forward to sharing my experiences and joy of teaching with you and help you tap into your most natural and beautiful singing experience!



"I teach from the singer's perspective, from the one who produces the tone, the one who is in the arena of daring greatly to open his or herself physically, mentally, and emotionally to be the very best singer they are able to be, in whatever singing situation they find themselves."

- Paulo Faustini