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"Paulo is a skilled voice teacher and wonderful human. After moving to the USA in 2009 having completed my BMUS, Paulo helped guide me through auditions, concerts and operas. Paulo taught me to appreciate my voice and gave me confidence in my vocal technique. I went on to complete my MA in vocal performance with Paulo as my main voice teacher. I am so thankful for all I have learned from Paulo over the years and I can not recommend him enough to anyone who wishes to pursue singing with him. Whether you are just beginning or have many years of lessons behind you, Paulo has a unique ability to tailor his lessons to the student and work with you as you embark on your vocal journey." - Aedín

“I’ve studied with Paulo for 7 years. He’s a great teacher to really hone your vocal technique and he truly cares about his students. His teaching method puts your experience singing front and center. I have grown immensely under his tutelage. Highly recommend!” - Rachelle
“Paulo has been one of the best teachers I have ever had! He is a gracious and attentive teacher, and his love for music is infectious. I studied with him for several years, and his help in preparing me for undergraduate conservatory auditions was excellent! I got into Juilliard, so there is the proof right there that he is the best. I would not be the singer I am today without him!” - Jane
I am thrilled to have found Paulo!! He takes the time to learn about you as an individual singer. And then, with great care, he designs a very personalized plan for your growth. And grow you will!! I especially appreciate his patience, persistence and honesty!! I highly recommend him! He is also tons of fun and very kind!! I am proud to call him my friend! - Mary
“Paulo Faustini is truly a master at teaching singing and I am thrilled to be studying with him. He is guiding my vocal development so that I can become the best that I can be. I have studied with him since 2005. My singing has improved significantly every year since. I sang in the Philadelphia Singers Choral with the Philadelphia Orchestra for 11 years (2004 – 2014 ) and now in the Mendelssohn Club Chorus of Philadelphia (since 2016). I have been singing with Umbrian Serenades in Italy and now Spain each summer since 2006, another extraordinary singing experience. In 2014 I sang my first solo voice recital at the age of 68. And, I am working on my next recital. I cannot thank Paulo enough. I recommend him to anyone, at any level who wants to become a better singer, artistically and technically.” - William H. Shoff, MD, Emeritus Professor, University of Pennsylvania
"When I returned to Philadelphia from Seattle I was searching for a voice instructor to continue my mezzo-soprano voice training. I was highly recommended by the chorus director of the Philadelphia Opera Company to go to Paulo. Paulo fine tune my voice, correcting my breathing, adjusting my middle and high range, and making every note spin. Even in the present I use every valuable tape of my lessons with Paulo for each aria or song I need to perform. I was so blessed to have Paulo as my voice instructor.” - Linda
“What's wonderful about Paulo's teaching is that it focuses on how YOU feel when singing, and cultivating your unique voice. It's very easy for a voice teacher to throw out a laundry list of tips and tricks for good singing and expect the student to use them. Paulo is so good at making you articulate what you feel when you sing, that changing your style or posture or color is a conscious decision that you are making for yourself. I greatly improved my singing over my 3 years with Paulo, but the best part was instead of saying "I improved because I did what the teacher wanted" I can say "I improved because I found out through my teacher what is best for my voice". That distinction is makes me a confident singer instead of someone who just sings the right notes.” - George
“PROVIDENCE RI!! You are so very lucky. You are about to have one of the best voice teachers in your city. I studied with Paulo for years in Philadelphia and he turned me into a confident singer. I wish I still lived in Providence so I could study with him again. Do yourself a favor and work with him!” - Greg
“Paulo was a great teacher for me and is a great teacher for anyone interested. He is extremely knowledgeable about the craft of singing and will absolutely work with all levels. The lessons are extremely informative and fun! I absolutely learned a lot and am a much better singer because of our lessons. Paulo is quite the gifted teacher and singer himself. If you are looking for a teacher (especially Baritone/Bass) Paulo is the one for you!” - Joaquin
“Paulo is the greatest vocal coach I know. He has a great expertise, he knows how to teach and he is really into every single detail of the process.” - Germán
“I have known Paulo as a singer for over 30 years. His insight into the singer as performer and person is remarkable, his knowledge of the vocal instrument is broad, and he is a wonderful human being! I can’t recommend Paulo enough! - Bill
“I sang in a church choir for a couple of years under Paulo's direction. I remember looking at a Schubert Mass and thinking "We can NEVER do THIS!!" Of course we did, and well.  A couple years later I took private voice lessons from Paulo and was immeasurably helped to be the best chorister possible. No shaming, no snarkiness, just kindness and direction.” - Anne
“Paulo was exactly the teacher I needed to prepare me for grad school auditions. I made great progress and was accepted at all the schools I auditioned for. He's honest, caring, and insightful and I loved working with him.” - Megan
“As a part time chorister for over 45 years, I never knew the right way to sing, or received proper instruction in the art of singing, until I was thankfully referred to Paulo a few years ago. In about two years, Paulo helped me transform and improve my voice across several dimensions, from color to tone to breath control to range. Even though I’m not a professional singer, Paulo treated me as one, continuously and successfully working on skills that made me produce clearer and stronger sound with less anxiety and effort. And amazingly, he accomplished this with a focused, fun instruction style that always made me feel important and worthy of his talent and time. I am forever grateful to this vocal master.” - Peter
“Working with Paulo was a transformative experience. As someone who'd always thought of myself as a pianist and not a singer, Paulo was patient and intuitive in how he helped me learn to use my voice safely for my work as a music therapist and as a community singer. His knowledge about the voice and art of singing along with his sense of humor and open attitude made each lesson a joy. Thank you Paulo!” - Adenike
“When I came to Paulo for voice instruction, I was coming from some pretty bad teachers. Paulo helped me to unlearn bad habits and learn good ones. Everything I know about excellent voice technique - about singing - came from Paulo Faustini.” - Patrick
“I have known Paulo's work in the studio as evidenced by the singing of his students for many years now. He is an excellent voice teacher, and I recommend him highly. He also is an artist; a man of integrity, honesty, and truth, who creates beauty in song, life, and love. Find him and find your voice.” - Daniel
“Paulo is a fabulous voice teacher, teaching from the student's perspective. I received solid training that I can rely on no matter the venue or my physical condition. He is absolutely the most effective teacher I have ever had! Philadelphia will miss him terribly.” - Justin