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WHERE:    The Music Mansion
                            88 Meeting Street
                            Providence, RI, 02906
Vocal Awareness for the Ensemble Singer
Foundations of a Free Vocal Production with an Ensemble
Body Awareness for the Ensemble Singer
Redistribution of Energy within the Body
Organic Breathing & Ensemble Breathing
Vocal Articulation for a Free Sound
Vowel Alignment 
How to Project Diction so Your Choir Director is Happy
Debunking Overused Vocal Terminology and Making Sense of it All
Hitting the High Notes
Singing in Tune: What to Focus On When Your Director Complains About Pitch
Voice Classification: Am I Singing in the Right Section?
Vibrato: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Beauty of Ring and Spin
Healthy Use of Straight Tone & What it Requires
Embracing Being the "Producer of Tone" vs. an Audience Member
Dynamics: Having Full Control of Your Voice 
Staying Vocally Healthy During Intense Rehearsing & Performing Periods
Singing till you are 100!
...and so much more!
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